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A kind request...

A sign outside my cubicle , for anyone who wants to invite me out for lunch.

Thank you for inviting me out. Now, before you attempt to find out what cuisine I like , here are a few conditions you need to know about me being a vegetarian.

1. Being vegetarian is natural to me. I don’t have to make extra effort and so, please don’t WOW me.

2. Anything that moves and has to be killed is not vegetarian in my books and that includes sea food.

3. If you want to know if that includes fish and shrimp, please refer to #2 and YES! NO SEA FOOD.

4.Please don’t worry about my protein intake. I can shake it, munch it, take it raw. Meat is not the only source of protein.

5. I know what your next question is. Yes, it is religious and I have never tasted meat in my life. Ever.

6. Vegetarian includes diary. What you are thinking is called Vegan.

7. Vegetarian does not mean I eat only salads. Indian cooking is full of vegetables cooked in different curries. And, NO! THERE IS NO SINGLE CURRY POWDER. It is a mixture of various spices.

8.No, I don’t eat from a plate which has chicken in it. Even if you remove the chicken.

9.Don’t expect to go to a regular restaurant with no veg options and expect me to eat ceasar’s salad.I don’t want to feed on lettuce leaves and starve.

10.No, I don’t feel offended if you eat meat, just don’t put it in my plate.

Yes, I have already told this to you a ZILLION times,but why, oh why do you have to ask me the same questions every time we talk about food.

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