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Are these innocent questions?

After recovering from my jetlag, I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the banglore weather. My mom took me to the park that she visits everyday . It was like all the other parks in banglore but filled mostly with old people, who are increasingly becoming aware of exercises for good health. The first round, I got introduced to a few of my mom’s walking mates who were relaxing in a corner bench and gossiping to glory. More than the walking, it is the gossipping that brings them to the park like moths to a flame. On to the second round, when I was introduced two of my mom’s mates who sounded very happy to see me…having come from the US and all…:-). While crossing them during the 3rd round, I was suddenly hit with a barrage of questions. The first one started with a statement..”Oh ! You look so young , Are you married?” . With a polite smile, I nod my head. “Oh really! Any kids?” . I answer that with a shake, which indicates “no”. You guessed it right,..the next question was “How long have you been married?” .By now, I am getting a bit irritated , but still answer it with “6 years”. They answer with “Wow! So, are you around 35 or maybe 30…You look like you are only 22” . Now, do I consider that as a compliment or is it necessary to let them know my original age. By now, I am thinking ….”Are these innocent questions ? Why would anyone want to know my age or if I have kids? How does this affect their life in any way? …Before I could answer them, my mom just pushed me away and we carefully pretended to be very busy when we walked past them for our next two rounds…I knew I was very much in India that moment…Where else can you find people showing more interest in your life than yourself….

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