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Is it just Meat?

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

I have always been a believer in mind over matter. But, when people suggest that you can control your body, where do you draw the line? How do you define “you” and “your body” ? I am not talking about souls etc…which is more spiritual.

We all believe that the love of a mother is full of feelings which surpasses most of the other categories of love. For some lizards, where the neocortex is not fully developed, the young ones have to start defending themselves from birth for fear of cannibalism .Yes, their mothers can eat them. For humans, these are very well developed as we are supposedly somewhere in the top of the evolution chain,and so we can feel these emotions. Now, what was mind again? If we did not have a well developed brain, we may not have any emotions after all.

Taking it one step further, there is a region of the brain called the Amygdala , which stores memories of the emotional events occuring in our life. If you think you can never forget what someone did to you, blame it on the amygdala. Sometimes, amygdala can even hijack your neo cortex ( the thinking part)and make you too emotional.

If you think – Brain If you walk,talk (motor control) – Brain ( neocortex) If you feel – Brain (amygdala) If you cry – Brain (amygdala) If you feel like writing a blog – (amygdala) If you love – Brain If you feel paranoid – blame it on a parasite ** Recent research suggests that parasites, in particular toxoplasma, form cysts in the brain, often taking up residence in the amygdala. This may provide clues as to how specific parasites manipulate behavior and may contribute to the development of disorders, including paranoia.

Coming back to my original question, what am I controlling ? My brain seems to be doing everything….So, do I categorize my brain as “I” or “Part of My Body” . To me, everything finally seems to be just meat. And my mind seems related to how well my brain has developed.!!!!

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