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Lucky me!

Yes, you heard it right. Apparently, I am very lucky. At least, some people think so.

During a regular checkup with my nephrologist, that is what I was exactly called by his assistant. “You are so lucky to be rebounding fast . After every episode of cancer, you recover so well. And, your hair grows back fast”.

“At least you are lucky to be mobile” – This from the physical therapist who is working on my knee. Cancer doesn’t mean I should have been immobile.

“Well, you are lucky you got cancer when you are young. It is easy to recover fast” – From a doctor who I visited last week after a long time.

Yes, people, you are lucky if all the hair you lost during chemo grows back fast enough…

You are lucky if outwardly, you look normal though you might be in lot of pain.

You are lucky if you are mobile.

You are lucky because you got cancer at an young age.

Hell yeah!!!! I am so damn lucky!

PS: Never ever tell a cancer survivor/patient that he/she is lucky. I am tired of people calling me lucky.

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