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Survivor | Thriver | Health Advocate

Speaker | Author | Woman in Tech

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Self-Advocacy for your health
  • Are you the captain of your ship, when it comes to health?
Self-Advocacy at work
  • Career advancement amidst biases, stigmas, representations and opportunities. 
Advocacy and Communications
  • Using your body gestures, postures,vocal modulations, tone of voice, to send a message.
  • A practical workshop giving insights and tips on how to use our body language to complement presentations



Shoba Rao
Author | Speaker | Survivor | Thriver | Techie

Shoba is a TEDx Speaker, a Distinguished Toastmaster and often shares her life journey in various speeches, focusing on inspirational speeches with a humorous touch. Her speeches come from her experience of going through three cancers and a kidney transplant. She is a strong advocate for patient's self advocacy when it comes to their health.

She has published her first book, "My Race Against Death", chronicling her fight with cancer and kidney failure with the hope that the lessons she learnt could help others in similar situations.


She is an engineer at heart and has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. She is a successful career woman with twenty-seven years of experience in the semiconductor industry and currently serves as director of manufacturing engineering in the Solid State Lithium ion industry.In her spare time, she enjoys exercising, reading books, dancing, painting, baking, cooking, and volunteering with various organizations.



When cancer strikes, the same body that you trusted, has produced cells that are ready to kill you. The horrors of chemo, surgery, hospitalization, and everything that is thrown at you with the aim of making you better, breaks you physically and mentally. It would be so amazing if you were cured and never got it again. Unfortunately, that is not a guarantee anyone can make. But should that stop you from living?

      In My Race Against Death, Shoba Rao shares the most important lesson she has learned as a three-time cancer survivor and a kidney transplant recipient: You are not your disease. It does not define your life, rather it reminds you to live life to the fullest extent.This book is for all patients who would hopefully gain some insight on how to tackle a disease like cancer both physically and emotionally. It’s also for family and friends looking for advice on how to best support their loved ones through this journey.


Writing a book is lot harder and takes longer than I thought. It is lot more rewarding once done with a renewed sense of purpose. None of this would have been possible without the encouragement of my family and friends. 



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